Elena Taylor

Writing is Like Visiting the Zoo: 5 Reasons Why

Continuing my posts about a writer’s life, I ask myself the question, “Can writing be like visiting the zoo?” Five Thoughts on Writing and Rewriting How can visiting a zoo have anything in common with writing, you ask? While on a recent visit to the San Antonio Zoo, I realized that it had a lot […]

Debut Thriller Writer on Her Path to Publication

Debut Thriller Writer Avanti Centrae I’m so pleased to introduce Debut Thriller Writer Avanti Centrae. She’s here to share her story about publishing her first novel. Welcome Avanti! Love to find new thriller writers? Don’t miss my post on the first two ITW Debut Authors of the year. Click the link here to read more. […]

Amateur Sleuth and Research Librarian Solves Crimes

An amateur sleuth can make for some of the best crime fiction. Edwin Hill creates an intriguing and dynamic character with his research librarian Hester Thursby, who puts her skills to the test in the first two books of his series. Thrilled to have Edwin Hill on my blog this week to chat about his […]

Book Club Fiction Author Jennifer Gold

It’s Summer! So I’m taking a little break from writing about writers who write about murder and doing something a little sweeter! Book Club Fiction Author Jennifer Gold joins me this week to talk about her debut novel with Lake Union Publishing. Welcome Jennifer! (Still need more murder? Read my post on mystery and thriller […]

The Perfect Title for My Upcoming Release

This week, I thought I’d give you a little insider information on the process for finding the perfect title for your novel. Or at least, how we found mine. After reading about finding the perfect title, if you want to learn more about my writing journey, check out this post about my experiences by clicking […]

Journalist and Novelist RG Belsky on Writing, News, and Hats

Thrilled to have journalist and novelist R.G. Belsky on my blog today chatting about news, writing, and his latest novel, Below the Fold. Welcome R.G! The Author R.G. Belsky is a longtime journalist and a crime fiction author in New York City. Belsky has worked as a top editor at the New York Post, the […]

Freelance Editor: Andrea Karin Nelson

As I mentioned in my recent post about the roles of agents and editors, some editors are in-house with a publishing company, while others work freelance. Freelance editors work with both first-time and previously published authors. Everyone can use a professional set of eyes on their work, regardless of their experience. To provide a little […]

Writing On Boats: Sage Webb on Her First Novel

I’m thrilled to introduce one final Debut Author from the International Thriller Writers‘ Debut Author Program class of 2017/2018. Soon, I’ll be introducing the Debuts from 2018/2019. Hard to believe I’m starting my fourth year as a member of ITW and my third year of working with debut authors. Time flies when you’re having fun. Congratulations […]

Agents and Editors and PR Companies, Oh My …

This week I continue my three-part series on Publishing Industry Basics. Last week I discussed Three Tiers Of Publishers (Big 5/6, Indie/Small Press, and Self Publishing). Before I talk about the basics of when and how to submit material to agents and editors, I thought it might be useful to understand the roles those individuals play in the […]

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