Elena Taylor

A Few Things To Know Before You Submit

You work for months, maybe even years, and finally get to type those two, beautiful little words: The End.Now what?Look for an agent? Self-publish? Submit to Independent Presses? There are lots of roads an author can go down, but are you ready for that step?June’s Spotlight will highlight some areas you might just want to […]

The Devil is in the Details

Once you feel your manuscript is “done,” one of the best things you can do is set it aside and ignore it for a few days, weeks, or months. Work on something else, take a vacation, do some laundry. Fill your mind with other things. Then- After your work has sat – go back and […]


What is dialogue and how does it impact your fiction writing? Dialogue is everything your characters actually say to each other. An internal conversation is a monologue. This can also be a part of your work and follows similar rules. You can think of a monologue as dialogue between your character and your reader. So, […]

Character Development

Character Development Last week I wrote about formatting. Regardless of whether I’m working on a stage script or a manuscript, I always try to write with correct format on the first draft. For me, it saves time later, and I find it easier to read. (For those of you writing stage or screenplays, there are […]

YA Novels, Adult Fiction, Complex Characters

The Interview  Part I You write both Young Adult Fiction and Adult fiction, what changes for you when writing in the other genre? Writing adult novels is in many ways, more freeing, and – dare I say it – in some regards less difficult.  In Y/A, you are faced with quite a few constraints, and […]

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