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Writers Beware: The Perils of the Publishing Industry

I’m very happy to host mystery author Mark S. Bacon on my blog this week. A little about Mark … Mark S. Bacon began his career as a southern California newspaper police reporter. After working for two newspapers, he moved to advertising and marketing when he became a copywriter for Knott’s Berry Farm, the large […]

Write Like a Gold Miner: Novels from Coal

As this year in writing comes to an end, I’m looking forward to having the third book in my Eddie Shoes Mystery Series launch in April. It’s hard to believe that before April 15, 2016, I wasn’t a published author and by April 1, 2018, I’ll have three books out. But April 15, 2016 wasn’t […]

Eddie Shoes travels around the US on her very own Blog Tour!

Come with me on my virtual book tour! Between now and February 5th, Eddie Shoes and I will be speeding across the Internet for a series of reviews, guest blogs, spotlights, and interviews. I hope you will join us as we travel the cyber highway. Thank you Escape with Dollycas for planningthe perfect tour. January 23 – A […]

A Writer’s Life: Death and Publishing

I am behind in my blog. These things happen. Sometimes, life gets in the way of  our best intentions. A few weeks ago, I had to put down my amazing horse, Second Chance. It knocked the wind out of my sails. As some of you know, Chance was rescued from a kill pen in Enumclaw, […]

The Interview — Part I

You write exceptionally accurate historical novels, due in part to your interest and background in scholarly research into the past. Do you usually start from having an idea for a story, then locate the era? Or do you want to write in a specific time period, then find the story? (Or do they arrive together?) […]

The Interview — Part II

Scroll Down to Read Part I What kind of research do you do for your books? How does it vary between sub-genres? I love research, so I probably spend far more time doing it than necessary. I work for a library, so I have the best research assistants in the world available to me. I […]

Spotlight On: Where are they now?

I decided for the hot, lazy month of August, I’d get myself motivated to work a little harder by checking in with some of the amazing authors I’ve interviewed over the years, and find out what they’ve been up to. Given the long list of new books, workshops, and trips abroad these writers have created […]

Spotlight on Motivation! How do you keep writing…

The last few weeks I’ve covered some things to think about before you submit that manuscript you’ve been working on for the last ________ (fill in the blank: month, year, decade). These tips have probably given you ideas to take into your next rewrite or maybe confirmed you really are ready for submitting. But regardless […]

Staying Motivated to Write: Part II

Last week I compared writing to going to the gym. You know you’ll feel good after you get there, but it’s hard to get off the couch. I’m going to stick with that comparison again and talk about scheduling your writing time. Just as people are more likely to stay with an exercise regime if […]

Motivation Part I

One of the hardest things about being a writer can be sitting down in front of the computer day after day, without knowing if anything will ever “come” of all the work you’ve been doing. Regardless of whether you are thinking about the New York Times Best Seller List or just finishing a first draft […]

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