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Debut Author Susan Alice Bickford Talks About the Inspiration for Her Novel

I’m so excited to host ITW Debut Author, Susan Alice Bickford this week as a guest blogger. Susan was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in Central New York. After she discovered computer graphics and animation her passion for technology pulled her to Silicon Valley, where she became an executive at a leading technology company. She […]

Sheena Kamal Talks about First Novels, Writing for TV and Film, and Writing Daily

This week we get to visit with ITW Debut Author Sheena Kamal. Sheena was born in the Caribbean and immigrated to Canada as a child. She holds an HBA in political science from the University of Toronto, and was awarded a TD Canada Trust scholarship for community leadership and activism around the issue of homelessness. Kamal […]

Classes, Conferences & Community: Author Sheila Sobel talks about Writing

I’m pleased to have a guest blog today by ITW Debut author Sheila Sobel.  As a Senior Auditor for Warner Bros., Sheila oversaw production costs for films including “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” the “Matrix” trilogy, “The Dark Knight” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”  After working on 70+ Independent and Studio movies, Sheila […]

A Writer’s Room on a Sunny Day: Catastrophic Thinking and Death

One of the things I love best about my writing room is I look out on trees. The back of my house faces the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River, and if I sit up straight, I look down on rushing water. Across the river is a high bank covered in evergreens. The tops of […]

Honoring Jimmy Loftin at Killer Nashville

Killer Nashville was a great conference. It was fun being back in the south. So many terrific writers there, whom I’ll write more about in the next post.  But first I wanted to talk about a wonderful Scholarship created by my friend and fellow writer, Bryan Robinson and his sister Glenda Robinson Loftin.   So […]

Magna Cum Murder, Maureen Jennings, and a horse named Radar

Getting back into the swing of things, I’m going to report on my summer and fall activities in reverse. Stay tuned for updates on Bouchercon, Killer Nashville, and the Decatur Book Festival. The Magna Cum Murder Crime Writing Festival is a fantastic writers conference put on by Ball State in Indianapolis, Indiana. The 22nd year of […]

More from Steven T. Callan, Game Warden, Author, Protector of the Wild

Spent the weekend in Georgia for the Decatur Book Festival. My computer, however, was back in North Bend, so the second half of my interview with Steve is a few days late. Sorry about the delay, but it’s definitely worth the wait!  Scroll down to read Steve’s biography and the previous blog post for Part […]

Historical Fiction Author Nancy Herriman – Part II of the interview!

So nice to be back home after two weeks on the road. I enjoyed staying at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where the air-conditioning was as perfect as the hair on a werewolf drinkin’ a pina colada at Trader Vic’s. The Public Safety Writers Association conference was terrific. So many experts in […]

Lee Child, CJ Box, and Reavis Wortham walk into Thrillerfest: Day 2

Day two at Thrillerfest 2016 starts off on a high note. I’d volunteered to work the registration desk for a few hours in the morning. My fellow volunteers are friendly and welcoming. It’s fun to meet the other writers, including some of my fellow Debut Authors and bloggers I’ve been communicating with via emails and […]

Award winning mystery writer, Allen Eskens: The Interview Part I

Your education as a writer started in Journalism then went on to graduate work at the Minnesota State University, the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, and The LoftWriting Center. How have those different experiences helped you forge your voice?                                                                           Before studying creative writing, I already had a degree in journalism and had excelled in legal writing […]

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