Elena Taylor

Writers Beware: The Perils of the Publishing Industry

I’m very happy to host mystery author Mark S. Bacon on my blog this week. A little about Mark … Mark S. Bacon began his career as a southern California newspaper police reporter. After working for two newspapers, he moved to advertising and marketing when he became a copywriter for Knott’s Berry Farm, the large […]

Write Like a Gold Miner: Novels from Coal

As this year in writing comes to an end, I’m looking forward to having the third book in my Eddie Shoes Mystery Series launch in April. It’s hard to believe that before April 15, 2016, I wasn’t a published author and by April 1, 2018, I’ll have three books out. But April 15, 2016 wasn’t […]

The Interview — Part II

Scroll Down To Read Part I What is your writing process like?  I try to write every day, usually in the afternoon, but I don’t beat myself up if I don’t have time on a particular day. When I begin a novel, I write a lengthy synopsis (usually 4-6 typed pages) and use that as […]

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