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Contest Winner – TWO DEAD ARE BETTER THAN ONE has a new character name!

I’m very pleased to announce the contest winner for my Name-the-character contest. Not only am I thrilled about the name – but I get to keep it in the family as winner Shelley Ferguson happens to be my beautiful niece. Shelley came up with a brilliant concept, which fits both the characters and the unfolding […]

Question Three with Thriller Writer Robert Rapoza

Here at Arcofawriter, pets are very important. I noticed author Robert Rapoza had a very cute dog, so I thought I’d ask about his little superhero. My dog’s name is Bandit and he is a mutt. We purchased him from a rescue, taking the whole family, my wife, daughter and son, to make the decision. […]

Fellow ITW Author and Thriller Writer Robert Rapoza

Robert Rapoza is the author of THE VILCABAMBA PROPHECY, a 2015 Adventure Writers Competition Semi-Finalist, was released on April 10, 2016, by Ravenswood Publishing. The Vilcabamba Prophecy, an action packed thriller set in the Peruvian jungles, is the first adventure of archaeologist Nick Randall and his daughter Samantha Randall. Click here for a sample of […]

Award winning mystery writer, Allen Eskens: The Interview Part I

Your education as a writer started in Journalism then went on to graduate work at the Minnesota State University, the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, and The LoftWriting Center. How have those different experiences helped you forge your voice?                                                                           Before studying creative writing, I already had a degree in journalism and had excelled in legal writing […]

Three Authors, Three Questions, Three New Novels

Jennifer Kincheloe, John A. Connell, Bryan Robinson Jennifer Kincheloe What are you most looking forward to as a debut author in 2016?  More than anything, I look forward to connecting with readers. When someone approaches me either in person or on-line to say that they read my book and liked it, it sends me over […]

Spotlight on author and scientist, Pamela Hobart Carter

Pam grew up in Montreal. A geologist by training, Pam taught everything from preschool to science pedagogy for thirty years. She practices timed writing with two Seattle groups. With Arleen Williams, she founded No Talking Dogs Press which puts out short books in easy English for immigrants. She is writing a novel.

Author, Playwright … Geologist!

You wrote a series of short books for Adults learning English. How did you get started with the series? What was the process of working with Arleen Williams? I wrote The Old House on South Sixteenth Street because my friend, Arleen,couldn’t find the texts she wanted for her ESL classes. The Old House …  features adult […]

Filmaker to Cowboy, Author to Award Winner

You’ve had an incredibly eclectic career. How has that impacted your writing? I think I lived my life so that I could write The Legacy Letters.  It really is an autobiography disguised as fiction.  But the beauty of writing fiction is that you can bend time and space to make everything more dramatic.  Your first […]

Spotlight on Carla Kelly

Award-winning author Carla Kelly is a veteran of the New York and international publishing world. Carla is best known for her Regency Romances, those novels of manner and wit, made popular more than two centuries ago by Jane Austen.  Carla has made certain types of Regencies her own, particularly novels and stories about people who are not […]

The Interview — Part I

You write exceptionally accurate historical novels, due in part to your interest and background in scholarly research into the past. Do you usually start from having an idea for a story, then locate the era? Or do you want to write in a specific time period, then find the story? (Or do they arrive together?) […]

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