Elena Taylor

A Locked-Room Mystery For the 21st Century

A Locked-Room Mystery for 2020! A “locked-room” mystery is one set in an isolated location with a set number of characters providing the suspects for a murder investigation. Agatha Christie was a genius at this subgenre, and debut novelist Tessa Wegert brings it into the 21st Century. Curious about other mystery subgenres? Read my interview […]

Art and Murder: Chatting with Author Saralyn Richard

Art and Murder! Art and murder go hand in hand in Saralyn Richard’s latest novel. Want to learn more about a writer’s life? Click the link here. The Author Award-winning mystery and children’s book author, Saralyn Richard, is a writer who teaches on the side. Her books, Naughty Nana, Murder in the One Percent, and […]

Family Secrets, Neuroscience, and Murder

Family Secrets . . . Find out how Joanna Schaffhausen combines family secrets, neuroscience, and murder in her trio of novels, the most recent out this week from Minotaur Press! Love to know what inspires writers? Don’t miss my post on how Nikola Tesla inspired Colleen Winter. Click the link here. The Author Joanna Schaffhausen […]

Complications on a Sunday Morning

Complications on a Sunday Morning . . . You wake, but it’s still dark outside. You lie in your bed, not ready to put your feet on the floor. You listen, but the rain has finally stopped. Thirty days and thirty nights it has poured down. Acres of ponds have sprung up in the middle […]

Five Reasons Why We Write

Why We Write Choosing only five reasons why we write merely scratches the surface of what compels us to put pen to paper, but I believe some of these reasons speak directly to the human condition. Here are five reasons why I believe I am compelled to write. I’d love to know what compels you. […]

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