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Broken Things: A Writer’s Life Week 2

A Writer’s Life—Week 2

So many broken things . . .

A lot of broken things appeared in my life this week. Continuing my goal of posting about “A Writer’s Life” once a week, I’ve decided to post them here on my blog, not just on Facebook. So here’s Week 2, if you missed Week 1—and are curious about that one—you can read it on my Facebook Author page by clicking the link here and scrolling down.

broken teeth

Not My Real Dentist!

At the end of 2019, I cracked a tooth. Yep, just like that. It had been painful for awhile, but not too bad, if you know what I mean. My dentist said, just wait it out until it gets bad enough we can identify which tooth is giving you trouble.

I had a regular checkup and the FOLLOWING DAY it broke. One minute I’m eating stir-fry, then next I’m thinking . . . what could be so hard and crunchy in a stir fry?


So to start off 2020 I spent 2.5 hours in the dentist chair getting a temporary crown put on.

But first, my garage door broke. Yep, just like that. I’m sitting in my home office and I hear the weirdest crashing sound. Like something really strange was going on in my house. Like a Stranger Things kind of strange.

broken things

I went out, looked around . . . nothing. Then an hour or so later, when I needed to move my car, I discovered my garage door won’t go up.

Stuck? Nope. Broken. The enormous spring that holds pressure on the door and helps raise it up, snapped in half.


Broken hoof

Radar baby!

But first, my horse broke his hoof. Yep, just like that. My hilarious, but sometimes too-playful-for-his-own-good, baby, Radar snapped a huge chunk out of one of his hind hooves. Big enough to make my heart skip a beat when I saw it for the first time.

He’s had some lameness issues for a couple months, which I think all started with a micro-fracture (probably from an impact/kick/landing on a rock) high up in his hoof, which caused an abscess, which made him stand crooked, which caused soreness in his hip, which then, finally, like my molar, cracked.


So my first thought this week was – wow, 2020 is starting off to be the year of broken things.

So my first thought this week was – wow, 2020 is starting off to be the year of broken things.

But . . .

I now have a lovely temporary crown. I’m not in any pain. I have a great dentist (willing to field questions about identifying dead people through dental records) and the means to pay for the repair.

A very efficient man named Todd came out and for just $250 I have a working garage door, complete with a heavy duty spring that should have been installed the first time.

A good friend at the stables helped me get through my initial panic about Radar and confirmed it wasn’t an emergency. And Tuesday my farrier came over from E’burg and determined all will be fine with Radar and we have a plan for his recovery. (I have the best farrier in the world, by the way).

The Year of Fixing Things

So – I’ve decided that this isn’t going to be the year of broken things. This is going to be the year of fixing things.

Then – just as I was working on this post, my editor sent me a copy of All We Buried to proofread. Nice to know if I find any problems, they can be fixed.

How is YOUR year starting off? I’d love to hear from you.

We’re all in this together.


Next time, I want this kind of crown . . .

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Stranger Things graphic by StormQuent72 on Pixabay. For more information, click the link here.

Dentist photo by Movidagrafica on Pixabay. For more information, click the link here.

Crown photo by Skeeze on Pixabay. For more information, click the link here.

Header photo by SarahRichterArt on Pixabay. For more information, click the link here.

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