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Holiday Book Giveaway!

Nothing says Happy Holidays like new books.

And nothing says it better than free books! Even more exciting, there’s something for every mystery reader. Cozy, Thriller, LGBTQ … you name it, we’ve got it!


Kim Alexander, Mary Angela, Tracee de Hahn, Dianne Freeman, Elena Hartwell, Carol Potenza, Saralyn Richard, Tristan Drue Rogers, S.A. Stovall, and Lili Wright

How do I win? You ask …

Do one of the following by December 16

There are three ways to enter for a chance to win one of the autographed books below. 1. Comment on the post with what kind of mystery you like to read. 2. Shoot me an email at with what kind of mystery you like to read. 3. Tweet: I want to win @Elena_Hartwell and include a hashtag with the kind of mystery you like to read. #privateeye #cozy #thriller ….

What’s the best Holiday gift you can give an author?

Write a great review on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other social media. We survive on word of mouth. If you enjoy a book, let your friends and family know! 

The Books

Kim Alexander: Pure

A unicorn walks into a bar…

When bartender Ruby saves the life of unicorn shifter March, they’ll have to fight more than the attraction between them. The ancient evil missed once, and if they can’t have his horn, they’ll take his heart. There’s something scarier than lobbyists haunting the streets of D.C, and in this fight no one will come out PURE.

(Paranormal, Urban)

Available on Amazon and Books2Read.

Learn more about Kim Alexander by clicking the link here.


Mary Angela: A Very Merry Murder

When a musician dies unexpectedly at the Candlelight Inn, suspicion falls on Professor Prather. Will she get her wish this Christmas and solve his murder?


Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and IndieBound

Learn more about Mary Angela by clicking the link here.



Tracee de Hahn: A Well-Timed Murder

In this magnetic follow up to Swiss Vendetta, police inspector Agnes Lüthi agrees to investigate the death of a watchmaker. But the world of Swiss watchmaking is guarded and secretive, and before she realizes it, Agnes is walking straight into the path of a killer.

(Traditional Mystery, International Mystery, Suspense)

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound

Learn more about Tracee de Hahn by clicking the link here.



Dianne Freeman: A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder

Victorian widow, Frances Wynn, Countess of Harleigh, is dealing with a high society burglar, a marriage-mad sister, and a murder. When the London season turns deadly, she fears one of her sister’s suitors may be the killer. Frances must rally her wits and a circle of gossiping friends and enemies to unmask the culprit before she becomes his next victim.

(Historical, Traditional)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound

Learn more about Dianne Freeman by clicking the link here.


Elena Hartwell: Three Strikes, You’re Dead

Private Eye Eddie Shoes goes on vacation with her mom in beautiful Leavenworth, Washington. What could possibly go wrong?

(Private Eye, Humorous)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and IndieBound

Learn more about Elena Hartwell by clicking the link here.




Carol Potenza: Hearts of the Missing

Sergeant Monique ‘Nicky’ Matthews is a non-Native police officer working on Native American Pueblo in central New Mexico. A young woman’s suicide leads Nicky to a list of missing tribal members.

As she investigates, she discovers not only murder but a horrifying motive that strikes at the heart of what it means to be a member of the Fire-Sky people.

(Women Sleuth, Police procedural, Native American)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Apple, and IndieBound

Learn more about Carol Potenza by clicking the link here.

Saralyn Richard: Murder in the One Percent

When Detective Oliver Parrott is charged with solving the untimely killing of one of America’s leading financial wizards, he realizes this will be the case to make—or break—his career.

(Police Procedural, Suspense)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Black Opal, and IndieBound

Autographed copies available by clicking here.

Learn more about Saralyn Richard by clicking the link here.


Tristan Drue Rogers: Brothers of Blood

“Rogers’ talent as a writer becomes bolder and more apparent with every page, as Belle grows older and is left to her own devices. It’s a horrifically realistic picture of a fraction of today’s youth without parental influence.” – Far From Home author, C. Derick Miller

(Crime fiction, Humor, Serial killers)

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and IndieBound

Learn more about Tristan Drue Rogers by clicking the link here.



S.A. Stovall: Vice Enforcer

Holding on to a life worth living can be hard when the nightmares of the past come knocking. Eight months ago, Nicholas Pierce, ex-mob enforcer, faked his death and assumed a new identity as a rookie PI.

It’s an easy enough gig—until investigating a human trafficking ring drags him back to his old stomping grounds.

(Thriller, M/M Romance)

Available on Amazon, DSP Publications, Barnes & Noble, and KOBO

Learn more about S. A. Stovall by clicking the link here.


Lili Wright: Dancing with the Tiger

“The chorus of the many voices of Oaxaca — expats, tourists and locals alike — creates a siren song that keeps you turning the pages. This novel has much in common with Anna’s favorite drink, the margarita, said to be the brainchild of an American Mexiphile: It’s salty-sweet, refreshing and more powerful than you think.” The New York Times, Tayari Jones

Nominated for the 2017 Edgar Award for Best First Novel.

(Thriller, Action/Adventure, Literary)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and IndieBound

Learn more about Lili Wright by clicking the link here.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Great Book!

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

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